Slot machine test: planets

The classic slot machine distributor mercury and the game title "Planets" that would actually fit together. And in fact a coherent online slot is available with "Planets" friends, which has been assembled well in terms of design and in terms of odds revealed the possibility of one or the other. The theoretical payout percentage is at least 96,00% according to the manufacturer and is absolutely impressive. Here awaits you a glimpse of our solar system, with both images and the corresponding characters of the respective planets. Together, the symbols form a successful whole, where you can get profits again and again. Among other things at Sunmaker Casino. Although "Planets" seems empty as the space in terms of bonus features, the chances are however quite well, which is the clear number of the symbols.

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Planets play online

Five reel, five payline to no spins or other bonus features. At first glance, the arguments for "Planets" seem rather lean, but the strength here actually lies in the simple design and the clear opportunities. To spin something the chances of the five reels of common time, are quite high due to the few symbols. You make a profit, if his turn three of the same symbols. This must be always on a line, which is always read from left to right.

The better the icon and higher usage, can be also the profit higher. Of course especially, if the profit range from four or five identical symbols as possible. Should the icons are positioned on multiple lines, payouts to a handsome sum be aggregated.

Is that you will make a good profit with each row on each case and lie not with profit using an advantage of "Planets". At many other slots with bonus features that is different, but not necessarily better governed.

Planets and profits in the slot of planets

The characters of the planets bring the least profit, but as already mentioned, there will be profit in any case. In a series of three of the same symbols, there are at least four times by the usage of the profit account. Already, the planet which can convert the forty-fold from use in winning a full series of five symbols are somewhat more valuable. Multiple paylines combined do of course still sexy for the account.

The Earth is the next higher symbol. There are already using 10 in a simple series multiplied and five symbols, the multiplier will be just to the 100. It can be topped only by the Galaxy. That is not only a heavyweight in terms of profit, but also the Joker of the game. The Galaxy can thus vicariously for other symbols are winning lines to close or extend.

Slot machines instructions of planets

You can test in the Sunmaker Casino without registration "Planets", but to preserve the true odds of winning that there's already a registration and especially correct usage. In the paytable, you will see how your currently set usage affects the potential profits. The multiplier remains always the same, but of course there are also higher profit with higher usage, if you have luck when turning. The easier it revolves incidentally in startup mode, because it automatically starts each round.

As in many mercury slots the risk game available is here. Saying: after a win, you have two options, from which you can choose, but don't have to. Either the map or but the risk of head of. In both cases, you're always a 50-50 chance with either increases your profit or it dissolves into air. High round win, should you rest do the risk variants of "Planets". You can winning smaller but very well on the jumps help, of course always with the corresponding risk, too can be wrong.

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